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I started my glass journey about 10 years ago when I discovered I could fuse and shape glass in my pottery kiln!  I was enamored by the bright colors and the remarkable magic that happens when glass is melted together!  Then I found my true passion and calling when I learned the art of lampworking (I call it flame-working, because that’s really what it is!!).

Using a torch and colorful rods of glass, I sculpt the glass into beads with character and depth.  I love the changeable nature of glass and the reactions that can occur with different combinations.  My beads range from simple and colorful maybe with bumpy dots to complicated layered masterpieces!  I especially love bold color combinations and unusual reactions between glass and other additives.

I usually create my pieces around one of my bead creations.  I love to combine my hand-forged metal components, pearls, gemstones, and my glass into one-of-a-kind wearable art!  Some pieces are simple and others are intricate.  My “style” is whatever whim I have at the moment I begin to create the piece!  Ever changing…never exactly the same!

While the challenge, the colorful vibrancy, and the malleable nature of glass continue to captivate me, the beauty that surrounds me outside the walls of my Home Studio in Mariposa County, continue to inspire and influence my creative endeavors!


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